Open Yourself to Life


One of my favorite books is ‘A Touch of Wonder’ by Arthur Gordon. In it there is a piece about not wearing your raincoat in the shower. This has always made me think. To wear your raincoat in the shower means you are not experiencing the shower in the way you should. You are not getting wet, letting the soap reach your skin, or even relaxing. Many of us do this in our normal every day lives. We don’t allow the world to touch us. There is a barrier between us and the world.

I propose we let blessings land where they will. Blessings that are fun, exciting, and hard. Blessings that will change us as they are absorbed into self. Open yourself to life, get wet, and when the bad things happen confront them and win. (yeah, that last might be really difficult, but I bet you are stronger than you know!–that is a quote from a friend)


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