I cried


Star Wars first appeared when I was in Jr Hi or thereabouts. Empire came out a couple of years later and then Jedi (this photo is the Christmas my sister and I got the little figures and boxes to put them in–yes, I still have those and much more. ‘Empire’ was my favorite movie). I have all the music, I have the first movie album (the kind that you open the ‘cover’ and there are pictures of different movie scenes and the story is on the record), and I proudly consider myself a Star Wars fan. NOTE: I did not like the ‘first’ three movies at all. Ewwwww, didn’t even see the ‘last’ one. The ‘remakes’ also are awful. Unfortunately, those are readily available today. I am sorry-

I had the chance to see ‘The Force Awakens’ this afternoon. It left me satisfied and thankful I’ve been a small part of this saga. And yes, tears rolled down my cheeks as the opening story rolled across the screen to the theme song. I am looking forward to seeing it again, but NOT on 3D. (shudder!) I think I’ve been entirely blessed to have been born in such an exciting time of cinema.


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