For the Birds


This year I wanted birdseed for Christmas. I also needed a new feeder, but I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for something simple. This year, I got both a feeder and seed. In my haste to fill the new feeder and hang it, I forgot to cinch the top and spilled part of the seed. I was annoyed, til Jon (the kid) mentioned it didn’t matter where the seed was, the birds would find it. He was right.

Minutes after spilling the seed on the porch, this junco popped in for a visit. He brought friends, but they were less cheeky and flew off when they saw me in the door’s window.

Birdseed brings the blessings of song and feather to my dining room window (where I hang the feeder). Spilled seed brings the blessing of those tiny feathered folk down low, where I can see them from my door!


5 thoughts on “For the Birds

      1. often. I went to see if you had responded to my email the other day so I could adequately express confusion over this particular conversation! :o)

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