So many amazing awesome totally terrific things have happened today. Well, the dryer completely died, but hey..I can hang things up inside to dry! I wrote about this Tuesday on my family blog, it really was a rather stellar day! Yet, the absolute very best part? SNOW

SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!! I love snow. And it was the kind of snow you can make things with. Dry snow is only good for walking in. Wet packing snow is wonderful. With the not very much (it is only about an inch or so) white stuff, I was able to make Marge. She is very short (which is saying a lot as I am 5’2″!) and makes me smile. She rounds out the blessings of today!

I want to add the video from ‘White Christmas‘, but am not sure how…this will have to do til I figure it out again! Happy second day of winter!


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