I have put (of the pieces above) Mary, Joseph, manger, Jesus inside some of my Christmas cards.  I enjoy the Christmas story and sending these out into the world with a card seemed like a good thing to do! The characters were created by Chris from and I fell in love with them.  I am going to do more with the pieces after the holidays are over, when I have time to do something else.

I had frantic moments this last week. As people got their cards, I was sent thank you’s. But, one of my friends said she hadn’t gotten Jesus. Which meant, I might have stuck TWO inside a different card!!! I searched all the pieces I had left and was stymied. Where did He go??? I had not sent her a new baby when I got a message today. She found Him in between the cushions of her couch. He had dropped there when she opened the card.

I was so thankful she found Him! What a blessing to know Jesus arrived and was waiting to be found. (am sure there is a lesson in here–)


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