New Tomorrow


And in Kenai, Alaska this week, one of my yet-to-meet friends captured a rainbow. It looks so much like a portal into a new tomorrow! Each time I gaze at this picture, it conveys so much wonder. Joe  has taken some stellar photos, yet it is this one that grabs and makes me desire to go beyond the arc.

Judy Garland  wanted to travel over the rainbow, I see a place inside. I like how the bow highlights the inner clouds, making the same view brighter. In ‘The Last Battle’ by CS Lewis, I was a bit sad when I read it as a kid. At the end, the new place (heaven) was just like the regular world of Narnia, only brighter and better. After I grew, I realised Lewis’ idea made a lot of sense.  What a great new tomorrow to have! One full of kindness,  happiness and joy. A spot overflowing with blessings ready to spill out onto others.

May your day be one of those inside the rainbow.




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