“Let’s, Dance!”


“People can’t have too much happiness in the world. It’s the best thing after all, to keep them well.” G.L.Hill.

When Ren tells everyone at the prom to dance in ‘Footloose!’, it makes sense that he brings down the house. Only a rock could watch that scene and not toe tap at least once! I loved the quote I found when I was reading last night. In our darkening world, we often need to be reminded happiness makes us well.

Bloggers who encourage and make us laugh or think, colors brightening up our day, hugs and kisses, and the strains of a bouncy song. These are all ways happiness spreads. Let us be a happy virus and infect the world this week, month, and next year with laughter, life, and love. Be a blessing. You won’t regret it!


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