I didn’t take this photo-it came from mourgefiles. I don’t know why it has the camera thing on it, maybe it will help someone.

This last week, when I was having the stress test, I was told something I haven’t forgotten. The overseeing doctor had his hand on the small of my back to help hold me. I heard him telling the gal in charge of the EKG thing to speed up the machine. I audibly scoffed the suggestion. He said quietly, “You’re stronger than you know.”

Later, I looked at a spiderweb and thought about this. I think about it all the time. I see myself as old, out of shape (unless the shape is gourd), and ready to fall apart. Yet, I am stronger than I know. Spiderwebs look fragile and delicate. When dew or frost adheres to them, they are truly ethereal. Yet, they can withstand winds and the vigorous struggles of prey. They, too are stronger than they look.

Kind words of encouragement bringing blessings I have yet to imagine. Those are the kinds of things doctors need to tell us more often.


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