As it is-


Today was tumultuous. In it were bits of a day I thought might go the way it should have gone and most of it was NOT the way I had hoped.

I had a stress test today. It was horrid. I’ve had many different kinds of tests over the years and this one and the MRI (where a clip thing was put in my breast) were probably the worst ones I have experienced. The people helping me were marvelous, the test was negative,  it was not fun.

Later on, I had another set of things happen I didn’t like. I ran away to my book. It didn’t change what had happened. Changing my attitude was the best thing I could do. Yeah, those things sucked. But, the universe didn’t implode because of them. And there in lies the blessing. (not the imploding universe, that is ALWAYS a good thing to not have happen-shades of ‘Hitchhikers Guide..’?)  I was blessed to be able to turn my thoughts around and make them see life as it is. See and accept. Not easy, but yes it is a blessing!


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