Young at Heart

Tex. 92 years young this last week. A  neighbor who makes me laugh, waters my flowers, and is my ‘Wilson’. Except, I can see Tex through the fence and we often drop in on each other. We keep talking about needing a gate in the fence, but it hasn’t been made  yet.

I am truly blessed to have this woman next door. She gives of herself and has some of the best stories to share. She lived in so many different times and places in our nation, she has experienced changing values, and technologies. She is like an iridescent gleam. Always changing and always shining. Tex is also an author and a good friend. A lot like Charlotte, only not so many legs! (Charlotte’s Web)

One of my favorite ‘Tex’ memories (and there are so many!) was when we were driving into Walla Walla for an eye appointment. I was whining and made the comment, “I wish I was 24 again…..” She retaliated with, “I wish I was 70 again!” It all depends on your perspective!

Happy birthday, my good friend, thank you for all the blessings you give!




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