The Scent of Christmas


Satsumas, Halos, or Cuties. These, for me, are the true scent of Christmas. When I was a teen in Alaska, we’d get cardboard boxes of these tiny fruit. It would be around the end of November, first of December. The oranges were seasonal back then. They were individually wrapped in pale green tissue paper and smelled incredible. A sharp citrus fragrance enveloped your nose when you tore open the rough, easy-to-open shell of orange. I loved opening the box, digging thru the empty square tissues to find a treat, pulling it triumphantly into view, releasing the shiny fragrant jewel from the paper, and then putting my finger into the top to rip into the peel. It was Christmas every time!

I purchased some today. I haven’t opened one yet, I will for breakfast. They may not come wrapped or in boxes anymore, the net bags are a bit modern, but there is still anticipation. It is a part of the joy and the blessing of Christmas.


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