In an Instant


The last couple of weeks have been cold and snowy and full of winter. A Chinook came and blew it all away. Today started out with the snow and ended with green grass, mud, and puddles.

This evening I fell. Thankfully, it was through the doorway into my craft room and not down the steep stairs and through the lovely glass door at the bottom. As I was rallying on the floor, I thought about how fast things can change. I had been planning on a sewing project, was working on more Christmas decor, and not paying close attention to where my feet were. They tangled in the door screen and I crashed to the floor. I skinned my knee and landed on my wrist. I realised I could have truly hurt myself and all those plans would have been for naught.

Where is the blessing? First, in where I fell. But, more importantly, the blessing was remembering to live where I am and LOVE as often as possible. So much can change in an instant. Embrace them when you get the chance!


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