Bubbles are so much FUN!!! They make you smile no matter where they seem to be. In the sink, in the yard, in the shower, or overflowing in the laundry. The predominant color is clear/white, yet they shimmer and share every hue from the rainbow. I recall, eons ago, blowing soap bubbles during a horrid week of testing in college. It was amazing how a tiny iridescent floating sphere would encourage even the toughest student to run and pop it! In scouts we made snakes from soap bubbles. At first, the leaders thought it was too babyish for the 10 year old boys, but by the end of the day it had become one of the favorite activities. Even writing about soap bubbles makes me grin! What a blessing in such a fragile insignificant creation. And you can get clean while playing. It is a win all around!


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