Retro Recycling!


This is Holly Short-or at least her dress for the Yuletide ball for the LEP. No, I’m not wandering in the mind. Google Artemis Fowl and read the books. You won’t regret it!!!

This ‘dress’ was made from a dressmaker’s dummy (1915), some branches off a tossed away fake Christmas tree (you can actually BUY these at thrift stores!), and a tiny sweater I wore in my 20’s. Oh, and a few decorations and some lights. It looks fuzzy in this photo…but, I am not wearing my glasses. My design can be found at the highlighted link above. I am rather proud of this particular creation. I love being able to create from an idea and a few pointers you find online. Each time I’ve looked at this festive frou frou today, I am blessed by the beauty and how much FUN it was!


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