I was going to try to add more photos, but I need to remember how!!

I love the look of the world when fog turns to ice crystals! Growing up in Alaska, we called it hoarfrost. Oddly, people down here in the states are not always aware of what this name means. Silly, yes? The definition ( a grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vapor formed in clear still weather on vegetation, fences, etc.) makes perfect sense, but like most things in life, those who hear do not listen. They can’t ‘see’ past the sounds in their ears. No matter. I love the stuff. Albeit, it is COLD out (29 degrees earlier today) and with so much fog it is strange driving. But following the highway thru the fields of crystallized wheat stubble and the new growth of green winter wheat is beautiful. I am blessed by the intricate designs I find all around me.


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