Scattered light


I love my dining room light-I love how it throws shadows and beams all over the walls and ceiling. I have mirrors and crystals in all sorts of places. They catch every stray beam of sunshine. Yet, they don’t hoard the light. They catch, fragment, and scatter it. ‘Sunny days do sweep those clouds away’ (loose quote from Sesame Street!). I adore having a home that houses refracted rays. The cats sometimes chase the light spots. The rainbows bounce on every surface and bring smiles. I laugh when I see those lights. In ‘Pollyanna’ they are called rainbow makers. In ‘My Man Godfrey’, the soused mom sees the lights and hears music from the crystals and imagines pixies. What fun there is in fragments of sound and light! What a blessing it is to have artificial and sun sent breaks in my day!


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