An amazing invention!


Yesterday I was in the Pit of Despair. OK, not quite, but I was pretty frustrated. Which is why I ate an entire 2 1/2 cups of ice cream in one sitting. Today, after my mammogram, I went back to the bank to see if there was any way my torn check could be redeemed. The young man (they are all young men today!) in the teller’s booth, looked at me and then the check. He opened a drawer and pulled out a roll of tape and fixed it. A few simple pieces of tape gave me the cash I needed. (the lady at the bank yesterday said I needed to get it reissued!) I was so happy! I smiled almost my entire drive home. What an amazing invention and what a kindness that young teller extended. Sure, it was his job, but he could have said the same thing, in the same way, the other teller did. He was a blessing and I will not forget it!


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