Comforting Scents


These are not what I made tonight. I baked blondies. Only mine had semi sweet chocolate chips in them instead of white ones. The white ones are sooooo good, but my family prefers chocolate to be chocolate. I did, however, dust the top with cinnamon sugar. My house smells absolutely delicious! I do love to bake and share my baking. I don’t often share cinnamon rolls, they usually go pretty fast with two guys in the house and grandma (I generally take two for me). The blessing of the scent of baking is one of the best blessings!

NOTE: the changes in the format on WordPress is NOT a blessing….. but will get used to it. Probably.


2 thoughts on “Comforting Scents

  1. I don’t think I ever had white Blondie’s! But I love cinnamon buns! I haven’t had homemade in awhile. There is a Mennonite dish my grandma use to make called Papanap (close to it) it was so good and pink!!!
    I loved it!
    Urgh updates! Why? The bane of my existence!

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