Chocolate Chips


I like to cook. I love to bake. I enjoy putting unrelated ingredients together to create something utterly delicious. Lately, I’ve been attempting to discover just how many chocolate chips is too many for a cookie. The last batch I made (not the one pictured, as I took this photo a week ago..those cookies are long gone) was peanut butter chocolate chip. I came close to getting the ratio right. I used more than one bag of chips and about 1/3 of a cup of mini ones. I probably should have used more of the mini chips. They fill in the edges of cookie dough space between the larger chocolate chips. However, I am out of anything except white chips, so I reckon I need to go shopping. I am incredibly blessed to live in a place where getting more isn’t that difficult! I am blessed to have an oven and I am very blessed to have neighbors who don’t mind being taste testers (the guys in my family tend to forget they are testing as they consume!). The PB cookies mail very well. In case anyone is wanting added to my testing panel.


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