Dripping color


Sometimes I get lucky with my camera. This was one of those moments. It is pouring outside, the cats are being silly (they were all curled up in catknots, but have untangled themselves and are now bored), and I was contemplating baking after the dishes are done. Yet, the cooler weather has turned the pear tree flame and the rain made into a mosaic I wanted to see if I could capture. I think I did!!!

Celia (goddessdigitalart) creates incredible works and pairs them with beautiful words. So does this artist. I feel I am fortunate to know so many people who create art for others to admire. Dina Robinson is one of my long time friends who travels all over the place, clicking as she goes. I could dedicate an entire internet to the amazing artistry I’ve found in the world of photography. I’m truly thankful for the beauty shared across the different continents.  Their talent is my blessing today!


4 thoughts on “Dripping color

  1. I love the pear tree in flames.You are very talented! And, of course, Celia Rhodes does a wonderful job and her talent amazes me. I am not familiar with Dina Robinson, but I’d like to take a look at her photography, so I’ll Google her.


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