Melting Butter

I am a bit confused with wordpress today, but we’ll go with it!

Today is one of my FB friend’s birthdays. She is very dear to me in so many ways. I first met her when another friend of ours was having heart surgery. Nissie was my link when I wasn’t near the internet. When I was fortunate enough to talk to her on the phone, oh…… Her voice was like butter melting on pancakes! Smooth, rich, and beautiful. (the photo below is the only thing I could find close to Nissie’s voice!) As we grew to know each other, I learned her voice matched her personality. She is a beautiful person, she shares experiences rich in her emotions, and her writing is very well done. I am thankful to have her as one of my many lights in my life. She is a true blessing.

DCF 1.0
DCF 1.0

4 thoughts on “Melting Butter

  1. What a truly beautiful post! You certainly know how to use words to invoke emotion when describing your friend! Delightful imagery!


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