Wisdom (or ‘google with a heartbeat’)


The word ‘wisdom’ often makes people think of old, white haired, wizards. Or at least, it did me. Dumbledore and Gandolf were of those wiser folks. In the ‘real’ world, wisdom is less flashy. It comes from people who have lived and share their experiences and thoughts with others. Age isn’t a part of wisdom, the ability to think, to share, and to give of themselves makes a person wise. I’ve run across quite a few of these persons and I appreciate them absolutely. They are almost like ‘google’ with a heartbeat! A heart that believes, assists, and reaches out a hand to help. You don’t need to climb a mountain to find some dude sitting criss cross applesauce in a white robe. You do need to open your eyes and notice the incredible friends around you who probably have something a lot more beneficial to say than the guy on the hill!


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