In the local blood lab, the walls have giant blown up images of different kinds of cells on them. It somehow fits to have these huge abstract pictures hanging all around. Few people realise they are of cells and blood.It is their business and they do know what they are doing. It is not one of my favorite places, though. Today was horrible. I didn’t do well at all. I was so thankful the draw took little time at all and that there were 3 ladies there (phlebotomists) who helped bring me back out of the darkness I was in for the next 15. They were the blessings this morning. I remember the one gal saying, ‘We got it.’ And then the next thing I knew, my face and neck were being drenched by towels soaked with freezing cold water. It was pretty intense, or so I understand. Different persons said I was very pale. I wish I remembered it more. I can imagine it must have been an interesting scenario to be a part of. So, thank you to those lovely ladies who assisted me back to the land of  the living and to friends who drive one home from such unusual experiences.


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