A Curse and a Blessing


I hate this disease. I know I’m blessed to live in a time where it is manageable, but I don’t like it. I do not like taking 4 shots a day. I do not like taking blood tests at more than 50 cents a strip. I do not like having to consume glucose tablets when my blood sugar is low. I am VERY thankful the tablets, the test strips, and the insulin exist, but I wish the disease didn’t. Yes, it could be worse. There is always worse. But, for me, this is worse and I’ve had this in my life since I graduated from HS. I’ve learned a lot from  having it, I understand so much more than I ever thought I would about carbs and eating and movement. I am very glad for these blessings. Yet, as I look at tomorrow and another fasting blood draw in the week before Halloween, this blessing is a bit of a curse. One dropped down from my real dad who died of Diabetes rather young. I, now live, and I am very glad I am here. Really, I am.


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