Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite poets. He also wrote for an adult audience, journalism which was very good to read and to watch onstage. He was an author who was all about perspective and thinking. No matter what he wrote, you had to laugh, cry, and wonder. This short illustrated piece shows how different darkness appears to a baby bat (granted, echolocation works in either case, but let’s go with it!).  When we are young (or older!), we are often afraid of differences and those differences can be eons away from each other in two different individuals. Yes, it seems batty to be afraid of the light. The more ridiculous something is, the tighter we cling. It is what we are used to, so phooey on you! Today has been a good day for finding blessings in perspectives. I sat next to a man at a jazz concert…who didn’t like jazz, but went because my son was performing. The weather is now raining and folks here prefer sunshine (even in drought!), but it smells yummy out there. Today, I am blessed in the light and the dark!


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