Tiny Jar, teeeeeny print


No, this isn’t a piece about Survivor and ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (did that elsewhere, sort of). This is about an ointment called ‘Tiger Balm’. It is a super tiny jar with the teeniest print on the label. The box is much bigger and has a paper inside with a font of about 9 on it, maybe 8. It smells lovely (all herbs and scentworthy stuff), the cats do NOT like it, and it seems to do what it is supposed to. Make hurts feel better. I finally decided to get some awhile ago, this aging thing that everyone seems to go thru is irritating Thankfully, there is a gel to help with the process. So, as I drift off to sleep on a cloud of herbal aromas, I am blessed by Asia reaching out to the west in the form of Tiger Balm.


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