a little thing


I was cleaning the toaster. Yes, it has a crumb tray, but the whole thing was crumby. (crummy?) I shook it and poked a skewer inside and attempted to scrape off the aged bread bits. I thought using water might not be a good idea, I did use some canned air. I also used a cleaning wipe (I love those things!!). At one point, I used the wipe around the top of the inside of the toaster and sliced open my finger. It was not pretty.

I wrapped the bleeding appendage in a paper towel and squinched up my nose. I needed a bandaid. But, I was pretty sure I couldn’t affix it to my finger. If I released the pressure, it would ooze all over. I got the box and shook out a strip and held it gingerly in the other hand. My left hand. I needed help. I walked down the street to my neighbor’s house and knocked on her door. Aunt Karen answered and helped me out. It was a little thing, but such a HUGE blessing. We all need folks like her around.


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