Orphans of Summer


Ages ago, I ran across a comic featuring zucchinis. The picture showed the unwanted veggies in baskets on doorsteps and captioned them: ‘orphans of summer’. In 2012 I was given a LARGE zucchini and had to give it eyes, wrap it in a receiving blanket, and sort of stuff it in a basket for a photo. This year, I was the recipient of two smaller zuchs (so far!). A portion of one is on the counter, shredded. The rest of that portion is in the chocolate chocolate chip zucchini muffins on the cooling rack or in the oven in the chocolate chocolate chip zucchini cake. The other two thirds is awaiting shreddation (I made that word up!). My family is convinced the best way to eat zucchini is surrounded by chocolate. I’ll also make a spice snack cake and some yummy zucchini patties for me for lunch. (those are a recipe I adapted-I make this recipe into patties and fry them!) I am so thankful friends think to pass on their orphans to me, I do love these green delicious babies (and toddlers, as some of them tend to grow very fast in a short space of time!).


4 thoughts on “Orphans of Summer

  1. I love zucchini!
    The last couple years my birthday cake was chocolate zucchini! My niece last year made me a special chocolate zucchini muffin for my birthday 💕
    I also love zucchini lasagna! Instead of noodles use zucchini! It’s so yummy!


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