Too Many This Week or ‘Snap! The job is done.’


Yesterday I was so tired, but incredibly happy. I wanted to get the giant metal blue containers out of mom’s yard before I left for Oregon. It happened. It was all connections. My sister works at the pool. A HS friend brought her SR mom in for a swim. My sister mentioned the situation. My friend called some of the missionaries from her church, we were able to get a couple more helpers and SNAP! The job was done!  I’ll have to put a much longer post in my family blog (I’ll link when I do that!). It took 2 and a half hours to get the basement filled and the containers empty and moved. One of our house workers came in today with a tractor, filled the slight dip in the yard with gravel, and smoothed it all out. Last night we were so tired, we went to the Elk’s for dinner and enjoyed a great conversation. I mentioned this on FB, but it was like living inside a rich, delicious cookie without the disconcerting shreds of coconut. What an amazing end to my time in Alaska with an abundance of blessings. (and Randall even brought me a diet dr pepper!!!)


One thought on “Too Many This Week or ‘Snap! The job is done.’

  1. Ah the satisfaction of getting things done! That is such a wonderful feeling! 😊 Maybe I should stop procrastinating and get stuff done too! I’m just enjoying my long weekend too much 😊

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