My Quiet Spot


In Oregon, in my backyard I have a quiet spot. This was taken mid spring, so the choke cherry is thinking about flowers, the tulips appear to be done, the poppies have not popped..and the cat is wide awake! (the feed sack is a bag my sister made for me, very handy for gardening) I am looking forward to getting back to this little area before the chill sets in. I often find myself sitting on the bench with my eyes closed as I listen to the noise of the city around me. (it is a small city, but it is busy!) My quiet spot is in a corner and I have walls or fences all around. The illusion of privacy is a balm on the senses and soul.

Everyone needs a place to recharge for a bit. Sometimes it is under blanket covered by cats, sometimes it is looking out at the lake from a kayak, and sometimes it is in a quiet shady garden spot. I am very blessed to have this area to sit and read, write, or bask in. (remember the lizards from ‘Over in the Meadow‘????)


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