tiny tastes


Sometimes when you want something, all  you need is a taste to bring satisfaction. I love ice cream  (Alaskans eat more of it than any other state in the US). However, being a person with Diabetes, I need to be careful, so I rarely indulge. Sugar free or other ‘low’ sugar things are ultra nasty, so this diminutive cup was a special treat. It was absolutely decadent and made me realise how special certain flavors taste together.

People can be like this. Many times being around a person often is too much, but tiny moments of their time can enhance your relationship. In good friendships, you savor those little bites of love, laughter, and sometimes tears.  They are precious pieces melding together like chocolate, caramel, and waffle cone in a spoonful of delight.

Tonight, I am remembering the blessings of friends. Ones you only talk to once every so often, but it was as if you saw them yesterday. Aunt Flo and Uncle Gene are both gone, now. Their son, Randy, emailed me this evening, to tell me his dad had passed. They’d laugh to hear themselves being remembered as a decadent ice cream. They were not the tiny tastes, they were the flavor filled cups of cherished memories that will never be forgotten. I love you Aunt Flo and Uncle Gene.


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