In one of my favorite books, A Touch of Wonder, there are many stories. In one of them, there is a phrase on a tombstone about someone being a small candle or light in the darkness. It was a comment to a woman’s best friend, a pet. So often we see each other and pass on by. We never realise how important the tiny glow is as it emanates from each life around us. A smile, a word of encouragement, or even a touch on the arm of a person showing care are all flickering lights of warmth needed to help illuminate a dark world. Mum’s church uses candles every week. I love watching them be lit. There is an illusion of the light never going out as it is carried in at the start of the service and out again at the end. It is a beautiful symbol of life. This week, in one of the towns of Oregon, many lights were darkened. I hope they can continue to shine beyond that curtain they’ve gone through. This is my blessing I found today. To be a light when darkness appears to be too much.


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