Grow in Spite of Where you are.


This is a mallow. It is in the yard of a friend from Tillamook County. It appears to have grown inside a bunch of rocks. A rather inhospitable spot for most plants, but this guy decided to not only grow, but bloom more than once! An incredible inspiration to us whining people who believe we need certain things to survive. A gorgeous plant and all it required was a place for roots, water, and some light. These simple things created pure elegance. To become lovely, we need simple things. Love, clean air, water, and a place to grow. Caring in words, touch, and deed are important ways to show love. Clean air is as necessary as clean water. What goes into your body (and mind) helps create how your body will work. A place where you can spread out your roots is also critical. People can squash you and make you want to stay in a tiny box and not allow  you to grow. As a person, we need space to become the promises we were meant to be. I was blessed by this photo of this determined plant today. I am very thankful to use my friend’s garden surprises to share a special blessing!

and become who you are meant to be is also necessary.


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