Light in the Tunnels


I am still fairly new to this blogging forum. I wanted to crop this, but will have to play with the edit feature later. At any rate, my blessing today are the lights in the tunnels that illuminate the darkness. I wrote about this in a different blog, it bears repeating! This photo is of the inside of the train tunnel going into Whittier, Alaska-google it for a fascinating read!

So many helpful people exist in our world. They give of themselves to those around them. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have several mentors of this kind. They may not exist in my life long, yet their wisdom lasts forever. It is so easy to be lost in darkness, groping for a hand to hold when you can’t find it. Then, friends around you shine and you discover the way isn’t quite as scary as imagined. They help you learn to carry your own beacon, giving you the chance to spread a glowing path for others. I am thankful and blessed by those light carriers in my world.  Some I have only met online, some I’ve known forever, they are all lights in the tunnel.


3 thoughts on “Light in the Tunnels

      1. I am on FB way too much for my own liking 😒
        I tried to stay off it for a weekend and couldn’t do it!
        many authors would still be fighting hard to be published if it wasn’t for the Internet, we wouldn’t even know half the authors we know now.
        I have so many indie authors on my wish list its ridiculous! 💕

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