A Week of Blessings!


Am hoping this photo has the smiles in it!!! (it also has the window reflection on my shirt~) This week my entire family came to Alaska. Husband, Oldest son, and the Youngest on the end there in the beard. Mom is in the middle. It was a super busy week and I am so thankful for their visit. Every day we had new jobs to do and new blessings popped up. Hugs from my guys, fixing things that didn’t work, making new things, and just being in the same house. It was a truly wonderful and too short of a week. So often, I was too tired to even go online at all! I’m sad they are gone. The dad was last in Alaska 20 years ago, the boys 10. They are the best of blessings.


One thought on “A Week of Blessings!

  1. what a lovely poignant entry! your post reminds me how much I miss my niece! Distance is hard, but it is always worth to see their faces and giving them hugs!


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