Spiderwebs and cobwebs. Mum’s pastor shared what a young man told her about these very different things. Spiderwebs are webs made to catch bugs. They are useful, whole, and lovely. The spider is content in the web as he waits. Suddenly, dinner arrives and the wind blows and the web is torn. Scurrying around, the spider snags dinner as he fixes his web. After a few such incidences, the spider can’t keep up with the mess and moves to craft a new home. He leaves the tattered cobweb behind. This is how life is. We make our web and live peacefully inside it. Life shreds us and we scurry around to fix what is broke. Only when we allow ourselves to jump to a newer outlook can we truly appreciate the beauty in our circumstances. Broken webs or cobwebs are lovely, but they are not meant to live in anymore. Move on and be blessed by the words of a child who has wisdom beyond his years.


One thought on “Spiderwebs/Cobwebs

  1. I really enjoyed the parable. I must confess, I hate change. I linger in the past too long. hoping to make changes to make it better. It takes me awhile to accept the fact that is better to let go and move on!


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