Written Hugs


Hugs can be written. They can arrive in a card, an email, an instant message, or anywhere words can be formed. Letters creating words to send someone love, kindness, and care are beautiful. They envelop sentiments and allow the reader to be wrapped  in their warmth. In one of my favorite books a character could not give hugs, but she could write them. She called them ‘Zen hugs. Hugs I’d give you if I could.’  I was captivated by this idea. Words that hug even when arms cannot. One of my friends sent me a hug in a message. It is the very best written hug I’ve ever read. When I feel lonely or scared, I will pull it up from the file it is stored in and read it. The power in the words of the written hug do not fade. They are truly a special blessing. “Feel my acceptance wrapped up all around you. Release your tensions. Allow me to hug you totally, completely, and let the problems of the moment slip away.”  kk 


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