Almost right


This was from a fall in Oregon at Multnomah Falls. I liked it because it looked like the leaf was a part of the stone step. It was almost a part of it, but not quite. This idea was brought home to me this morning in mom’s church. One of the guys was going to play a song, it was one of my many favorite songs. I was looking forward to hearing it sung again. I didn’t pay attention to the music when he showed it to me, it was the lyrics I knew and so the song would be the same. No. It was not. I didn’t recognize it when the song as it was played softly and I was almost mad for a minute. Then, I remembered something. When the familiar is different, it is absolutely OK. It doesn’t matter if it is almost right, because it is! I didn’t have to like the ‘new’ version. It was as beautiful as the original, in a different way. In those words I saw a blessing in not minding differences in people, in ideas, and in song.


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