I am 5’2″ and am often surrounded by tall people. Except when I need them. Today, I was in a store trying to reach a bottle of Diet Pepsi. Of course, it was on the top shelf in a little holder to keep it from falling out. I was on my non-existent ballet pointes, moving the container smidge by smidge, up and out with the tips of my fingers. I was chest to soda bottle with the next row, straining to keep the end beverage from toppling over and landing on my head. Suddenly, it was taken out of my hands. Literally. I had been rescued by the male portion of a couple witnessing my duress. I was handed the caffeinated bubbly with a smile and a nod at my very heart felt thanks. I’ve had a warm glow in my heart all day as I remember with fondness this lovely tall person who helped a short stranger out in a store. Awesome blessing there!


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