Two Sundays ago, I got into a discussion with two very sweet ladies. One was older and one was a little younger. We were discussing earrings The older lady had gotten her ears pierced after her kids were grown and loved finding new ones, she collected them like I did. The younger lady also enjoyed earrings, but didn’t have our passion for them. We discussed all different kinds of ear bling and fun stories. I mentioned how much I wanted a pair of porcupine quill earrings and it was my goal to get a pair this summer. I shared I’d found a some, but they were 80$. Both ladies were shocked at the amount. The younger one said she was chaplain in the hospital and they sold them in the gift store, but not for that price! It was an entertaining discussion and we all left to go home.

Well, the next Sunday, the younger lady gave me a packet. It was a simple hand off ad I put it in my pocket. After a bit, I found time to see what it was. I opened it and I cried. The above porcupine quill and salmon leather earrings were inside the white rectangle of tissue paper.

Sometimes tears are for joy and gifts do not need to be one-upped. Be thankful and count your blessings. There are four here!. Two fun women and a pair of earrings.


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