Gary’s old running shoes are an inspiration.  I do not run, I was on a cross country team as a teen, but I do not run. This summer, I have been more active than usual. I have used my biceps and abs out in the kayak, I have walked and used my legs. I have been moving. Often, I ache and do not move. I’ve had many persons encourage me in various ways to get me motivated. I need them and their knowledge. I mowed mum’s yard this summer and ended up in so much pain I thought I might faint. I was told I was waking up muscles. I don’t know if they went back to sleep, since I have not mowed that steep hill more than a couple of times, but oh! They did NOT feel happy to be awakened. Yet, even in the pain, I knew how special it was to be able to move. To bend and use my arms and legs as they were meant to be used. I’ve had times when I could not. Times when I was stiff and almost immobile. Scary times. I know what a blessing it is to be able to move. It truly is.


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