I shared this photo on FB and got dozens of comments, a few shares, and much education. This is a willow, a Barclay’s willow. It has an infestation that causes the leaves at the tip of the stem to form a ‘rose’. Inside that ‘rose’ lives that worm/bug. I am not sure what they turn into, I was too fascinated by the idea that something ugly could become lovely and  still harbor so much gick inside.

My today resembles this. It started out so nice and then it went south fast and stayed there. I went for a walk, read Lewis Carroll (he is good to read on a topsy turvy sort of day), and tried to find the calm. Tried to find the beauty in a day where tears of frustration were more apt to fall. It was warm out again, I was able to read in the sun (in between tears), and was talked thru a situation by two lovely people. Yet, I want to run away to the rabbit hole and follow the directions of the Cheshire Cat in a different world. I’ve seen beauty in today’s ugly, I have to remember to focus on the donut and not the hole.


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