Letting Go


A photo taken a million years ago, a birthday, and a recent blog read about pain gave me the idea to share a special kind of blessing. Eons ago, this friend pictured was one of my best friends in the world. Then something happened and I held onto an anger against one individual for 23 years. (I love to tell this story, it is so incredible!). Tomorrow is his birthday and this man is once again one of my best friends. It happened because of grace.  I was studying this subject in a Sunday School class and realised my anger was irrational and silly. I was so angry with this person my teeth would clench and my tummy would ache. The craziest thing? I had not a clue why I was still so mad!!! I reached out to ask for forgiveness and he reached back. The past became a stepping stone to a different kind of future. I let go of the pain I did have (for whatever reason), pain I created into chains I was carting around. Over time, the original forging became knots of rusted memories I needed to ditch. Letting go was easier than I imagined and the powerful growth I gained was totally worth it.

Happy Birthday, my friend, and thank you for being a blessing in my life.


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