Yvonne Craig. Batgirl. One of the first female superheroes to grace television is now a part of the Justice League in the sky. A librarian by trade and a superhero on the sly, Yvonne’s character gave girls everywhere a chance to see how they could become something more. I do not think she was as famous as Lynda Carter, but when she showed up with Batman and Robin, it was pure fun! Not all heroes are like those four (Wonder Woman is included in the list). Most of them do the small things to help us with boring hard tasks, they encourage us to grow in directions we may feel we can’t, and they drop blessings in a variety of ways. Their deeds are not accompanied by bright words in flamboyant colors across a screen, they are the quiet, gentle blessings found in a hug, the sound of a drill being used on a project you need help with, or a message notification showing up on your laptop.


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