A Dragonfly Wing


One of my absolute all time favorite books (yeah, I know, I have a lot of book favorites!) was by Arthur Gordon called A Touch of Wonder. In it he shared many stories about looking outside the box to find the wonder. While I was walking today, I found a shiny piece of something in the dirt. It intrigued me and I picked it up. It was part of a dragonfly wing. Torn, but still recognizable as a wing. I was fascinated by the stiffness it still held, by the iridescent chambers between the black veins, and the fragility it had. How incredible it was to know a wing like this could carry an insect dozens of feet into the air and dive to the ground or water to swoop onto prey. I’m pretty sure I addressed dragonflies in an earlier post, but it wasn’t about a wing. A bit of a wing sending my thoughts wandering into the magic of flight. What a blessing these creatures are!


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