Reach for the Stars!


You might wonder what this photo has to do with stars. Well, let me tell you! I was out in the kayak watching the Persiad meteors. I didn’t see as many as I had hoped, it really wasn’t very dark out, but it was eerie and lovely and I could NOT stop smiling! It was by far the most awesome amazing incredible totally out of this world experience I have had in ages. The sounds of the night life on the lake were a little creepy when you added in the cries of loon and the distant barks of dogs. The sky was being sewn together with giant silver strands I had hoped to see reflected in the black mirror of the lake.I did see some stars on the still surface, the brightest ones.The Big Dipper was overhead the entire time and I rejoiced to see my favorite constellation.  One of the things I did out there was shine my flash on the water. WOW! The top was made of rolling mists, curling around the kayak and each other. I had somehow entered a different dimension. I’m still grinning as I think about it now! I had no idea how humbling being on a lake at night would be.


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