Do Dragonflies Sleep?


When I was a kid, I remember reading a book at the hospital (have no idea why I was at the hospital, but I remember the book!) called Where does the butterfly go when it rains? It was a simple book done in couple of colors, but the question has always fascinated me. Today, as I was watching dragonflies, I was reminded of this book and wondered where dragonflies sleep. They are so fast and their wings clatter as they do glittering aeronautical displays over the land and water. They fly as high as the tops of trees and skim over below sea level lakes, they are as big as my hand or as little as my pinkie finger (although, those may actually be damselflies, but I wouldn’t lay money on it!), and they hover and zoom and rarely stop. Reading about these interesting fliers yields a great deal of information, but not where they sleep. Their bed is most likely a grass stem or stick somewhere, I’ll have to keep my own eyes open and see where these prehistoric predators rest. Awesome blessings they are to learn about and to watch.


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