I love this little contraption! It holds so many stories and novels for my reading pleasure. Lately, I’ve added a couple of the colored fairy books by Andrew Lang. Each fairy tale book is enclosed in a colored cover,  hence the names. I have the Yellow and the Red Fairy books. I will wait to get the whole set in a better format, I love the pen illustrations for almost every story. It added a great deal to see the swans being turned back into princes and one of the swans having a wing instead of an arm. I could ramble on and on about these books. I am very thankful I ran into them as a young person and am even more thankful to find them today for my kindle. (it is in a ziploc so I can take it out in the kayak)

As Burnett wrote in ‘A Little Princess’, “Everyone is  story.” All those stories create who we are and how we think. Those characters are my friends, I read them over and over and over. I am truly blessed by the creations others have given me by peopling my world with their writings.


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