Fresh Air


Photo from last spring in Homer, Alaska.

The blessing of fresh air is often overlooked. (can you overlook air?). It is taken for granted. Oxygen is necessary for life and is breathed in no matter what it appears to smell like. Often the air on the Kenai brings the scent of dead fish or decaying seaweed. Other places have their own scented signature. Tillamook, on the Oregon Coast, has a definite aroma of cow. Areas of Eastern Oregon carry prevailing scents of paper mills or silage on the wind and at certain times of the year, the harvest of wheat. After being inside painting walls or just sitting, walking outside and breathing in fresh air is incredible. It is easy to forget those times when that air is permeated with ash from volcanoes or full of smells not as favorable as others. The world washed clean by rain, fresh cut pine trees, and heated flowers sharing their perfume. These are a some of my favorite scents. Blessings I count on and appreciate.


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