Hearts of a mineral kind

IMG_9697 IMG_9692 IMG_9678

These are a few of the heart shaped rocks I’ve found on the beach. They are not always exactly perfect, but they all have the shape of a heart. Mostly. Sometimes you might need to hold one leg up while dancing left and squinting, but if you have an imagination, you can see hearts almost everywhere you look. I have learned to not bring them all home. Leaving them on the beach for the waves to rub into a more distinct heart shape is a better idea! The best part of these hearts is they all look different and are made of different kinds of minerals, yet they are all rocks. Rounded, pointed, and striped, they each have the same thing about them. They are common, ordinary to most, basic stones lying on the beach waiting to be discovered. To be found a simple blessing by a person passing by looking for the joy in finding the perfect heart shaped rock.



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